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Body Science

About: Body Science

Body Science is one of Australia’s leading supplement brands and has built their global reputation on providing smart supplement products to the (at the time) niche market of non-professional personal fitness. From its founding in 2002 Body Science’s supplements and protein powders led the personal fitness market place, with science backed products that really achieved results.

Body Sciences range has continued to expand over the years with the developments in the science behind sport and fitness supplements. They now provide a complete range of protein powders, like the Hydroxyburn range that makes use of 5 different lean proteins, as well as, pre-workout products, and the Hydroxy Shred range for weight-loss.

Continuing to dominate the Australian supplement and protein powder market, Body Science is constantly improving their range of supplements on offer. Aimed at helping the average fitness seeker to achieve a healthy look, whether that’s slimming down, adding muscle, or just toning up, the Body Science range has something for everyone.

Weight-loss through Hydroxy Shred

Weight-loss is perhaps one of the hardest fitness goals to achieve, or it is for many Australians. But with the Body Science Ultra Shred product from Body Science and a smart workout routine, you can achieve real results fast. Ultra Shred provides a boost of energy for your workout, supports fat cell breakdown as well as burning calories and enhancing your metabolism, these properties make it the perfect accompaniment for your weight-loss workout.

While the Hydroxy Shred range is great for weight-loss, the 5 lean proteins found in the Hydroxyburn range provide a unique muscle building product. These five proteins are broken down by your body differently, giving your body a slow releasing supply of protein to aide muscle growth for longer.

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