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Maxine's Burn

About: Maxine's Burn

Australia’s most popular product range for women, Maxine’s BURN, provides a wide variety of fat burning protein supplements.  Maxine’s is all about providing many great ways of getting the protein and nutrients you need to burn, tone and boost your body. As Australia’s Number #1 for women’s protein shakes and Maxine’s Burn protein bars, this range covers all our female customers’ needs.
Night time is a market leading Casein product using much of the science learnt from 20+ years of market leading developed in their Men’s range, Max’s, including the sleeping herbs combination. Over the past 12 months this range has grown to include XT Burn, a potent delicious tasting fat burning powder, plus a BCAA – Intra-Workout – Recover and Creatine, specifically designed for women and help burn fat while assisting energy and recovery .Here are a few reasons why we love Maxine’s:
It’s completely gluten free
Offers everything from dairy based proteins to vegan proteins like the pure protein
Includes a full range of delicious snacks and all the extras like aminos and fat burners
So if you’re looking for a range of women’s specific supplements to help burn body fat while tasting delicious try Maxine’s we stock the full range at Suppkings.
Buy Maxine’s BURN protein powder and other products online at Australia’s leading SuppKings.