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Maxs Supplements

About: Maxs Supplements

Founded in 1989, Max’s is a wholly Australian owned and operated company that’s passionate about delivering the latest in cutting edge sports nutrition products and ingredients. With a product range that includes the highest quality Australian made protein supplements, along with highly potent US manufactured supplements, Max’s gives you complete access to the best and latest nutrition for maximum results.

Known for their quality, the Max’s range includes premium products like:

100% pure whey protein powder – uses a high percentage of whey isolates
Shred System – uses a cutting edge protein blend and fat burning matrix, helping shred body fat while building lean muscle tissue
Clean Mass – lean gainer
Absolute Mass – hard gainer
Anabolic Night – different than most casein proteins as it contains a powerful growth hormone releasing amino ornithine plus calming sleep herbs like skullcap and chamomile to help you relax
Low carb protein bars & cookies
Muscle building bars and cookies