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Pharma Fuel Laboratories

About: Pharma Fuel Laboratories

Pharma Fuel Laboratories is a “Factory Direct Supplier” and therefore we have the benefit of providing an everyday low price and great value to our loyal consumers. With Pharma Fuel you’re always going to receive premium, pharmaceutical grade products at great prices everyday. Pharma Fuel is direct out of the USA sold through the USA in Total Nutrition stores and now available in Suppkings at the very best prices. Isolate Fuel is a different take on Whey Protein Isolate with added CLA L-Carnitine plus added BCAA’s and Digestive enzymes Lactase and Bromalein mixes really well and tastes amazing . The Benefits of DIM have been known for a long time however its fast becoming a very popular Sports Supplement as its been shown to help reduce excess Estrogen that leads to the puffy look  in Men and Women Pharma Fuel Dim-Inish  is a powerful blend of DIM and Indol 3 Cabinol plus the added Black Pepper extract to help absorption. This range although small is a top selling line at suppkings and you won’t be disappointed .