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Born out of the need for quality supplements with scientifically backed, cutting-edge ingredients – ULTI-GEN’S aim is to bring you the most up to date and effective clinically dosed supplements to enhance your genetic potential and take your training to the next level.

Every product in our range has undergone stringent development, research and testing to guarantee results. The process starts with research and development from our team of Lab Techs and Sports Scientists based in America who are continually researching more effective, groundbreaking ingredients to compliment and benefit your genetic make-up and elevate your physical potential beyond its natural boundaries. After ingredients have been researched, tested and products are formulated into clinically dosed and proven products they undergo a trial and testing period to guarantee they are 100% ready for market.

The need for a range of products that compliment each other perfectly to enhance and create the essential conditions for muscle synthesis and maximum growth has been answered in ULTI-GEN