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Vital Greens

About: Vital Greens

Vital Green is a Proud Australia Made Product range developed by Two of Australia’s leading Health experts Shane Sullivan ( Naturopath and Acupuncturist ) and Stephen Sparada ( Naturopath and Medical Herbalist) in early 2000.

Initially, this product was made by hand and used by patients attending their clinic. Ever increasing requests from patients, their family and friends, as well as personal trainers and naturopaths, lead Shane and Stephen to develop the product commercially.

Vital Greens is now Australia’s number one green food formula – no other greens products is so well known and loved.

Vital Greens is a unique formula containing a synergistic blend of nutrient-dense ingredients – vegetables, fruits and berries, herbs, vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, cultures, prebiotics, enzymes, essential amino acids and fibre.

Vital Greens is predominantly a food-based formula making it easy to absorb and suitable for all ages, whether looking to support great health, busy living or recovering from illness. Vital Greens is ideal for vegans and vegetarians or those on restricted diets due to allergies.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected and combined into one great tasting formula to nourish your body quickly and easily.