BSN Syntha-6 Protein

BSN Syntha-6 Protein

BSN is one of the Worlds most popular Sports Nutrition Brands which is now owned and manufactured by Glanbia Performance Nutrition the owners of Optimum Nutrition , so we can be sure the Quality of BSN products is Fantastic .

Bsn has many products but the foundation Protein is the Syntha-6 Protein range in this range apart from the many delicious flavours and sizes there are 3 different Types of Syntha-6 that are all slight different .

BSN Syntha-6 Original Protein is as it says the original protein in this range its developed as a Protein Blend with 6 Types of Protein ! Thats were the 6 comes from . Its a versatile Protein that is suitable for anyone , it can be used as a Post Exercise recovery or even as a low Calorie High Protein meal replacement powder .

BSN Syntha-6 Edge Protein is a Higher Protein Lower Carbohydrate version of the Syntha-6 Original and contains a few more Premium Proteins including Hydrolysate Whey Isolate and Micellar Casein making this protein slightly lower in Calories per serve than the Original , this protein is a great all round protein that’s particularly good for post exercise recovery and as a late night snack .

BSN Syntha-6 Cold Stone Creamery Series is a even more delicious tasting Ice cream flavoured range of proteins that is based on the same protein blend as the Original Syntha-6 protein but slightly higher in Carbohydrates than the Original series due to the amazing flavours , again this protein is suitable for use anytime and lest face it with less than 1g of added Sugar per serve its still very Low Carbohydrate .

Below we have done a small comparison chart to show the differences between each BSN Syntha-6 Product Type: