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Fat Burners

About: Fat Burners

Fat Burners are products that Assist the body in converting stored Energy (Body Fat) to Energy that the body that can then use.

The Best-Selling Fat Burning compounds are:

The Best-Selling Fat Burning products on the Australian market currently are EHP Labs Oxy Shred and Optimum Nutrition Burn Complex Powders both come in a variety of flavours and mix in water.

The Most Effective way to use a Fat Burner is to take a serve 15-20 min before some type of Aerobic exercise, the reason we mention Aerobic activity is the Body Needs the presence of Oxygen and Carbohydrates to burn Fat as energy and during activates that are primarily Anaerobic (Without Oxygen) use Stored Glycogen and ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) as an energy source.

Aerobic exercise is based on the level of exertion so a general rule is Activity that forces the heart rate above 75% of the Maximum Heart rate of an individual is considered Anaerobic, so Weight training is considered Anaerobic, walking, running, cycling is considered Aerobic activity.

The misconception that Weight training burns more body fat is incorrect, the benefit from weight training comes from the Lean muscle tissue that is developed as Muscle Burns Calories at rest! so during activity Energy sources that are burnt is to do with the Type of activity. The “At Rest “status of burning energy is pre-determined by the level of muscle tissue.

It’s essential to find a balance between Cardio Vascular exercise that is Aerobic in nature combined with Weight training so you benefit from both Burning body fat during activity and then burning body fat at rest because of the additional muscle tissue developed.