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ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition is proud to announce that we are the first scientifically based companies to introduce 100% hydrolyzed peptide isolated whey protein specifically designed for women. Protein which without discussion is most effective when it comes to achieving optimum health and getting in shape.

Dream Protein will not only provide you health beneficial peptides but also help you to get in shape faster. This is because Dream Protein contains only 0.01g of sugar and around 0.27g of fat. Due to its low carb and fat content, Dream Protein is an excellent addition to any diet and exercise routine.

Protein specifically for women containing soy protein is now obsolete, enter the new generation in women’s protein, Dream Protein. No other women’s protein will come close to the performance of Dream Protein. ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition guarantees that.

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Right now in the health food shops and fitness centres there are various brands of protein promoting they are just for women. The marketing of these proteins seem to suggest that women need different proteins than men to achieve weight loss, increase muscle definition and tone up. The fact of the matter is that the human body, whether male or female are made up of the same proteins. To suggest that there are gender specific food proteins is a down right lie and scientific research has now proven so. The make up of muscles, enzymes, skin, hair, nails, bones, blood, all the tissues in our body, are the same for both males or females. To trick women into believing there is a protein that will only benefit them only is deceiving and degrading. Women are lead to believe that protein not labelled as women’s protein will make them bulk up and put on too much muscle. This is far from the truth! A lot of these so called women’s proteins use the cheapest proteins you can get. We all know that cheaply processed proteins can cause bloating and flatulence.  Most of them, if not all, also contain soy protein.

Soy protein has been promoted in the past to be a ‘women’s protein’ because it contains estrogenic type chemicals. Up to now there has been no documented scientific research on the benefits for women having soy protein and now research has shown that it may indeed be detrimental for women’s health. Latest scientific studies have found that soy protein may increase the risk of breast cancer, which is bad news for women using these ‘women only’ proteins. In the past the health food shops and fitness centres promote these proteins to the ladies, not only because the label says they are just for women, but also because they are cheap and there is a possibility they can make a bigger profit from them. Another thing is that these proteins are promoted for weight loss. They have pictures of slim figures on the container suggesting that taking this protein will make you end up like the picture on the tub. How are you going to get in shape when the carbohydrate, fat and sugar content of the protein is quite high and in some cases higher than the protein content? (not to mention they all contain soy protein). ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition now has the answer in the Ladies Dream Protein.


ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition is a company which strives for one thing; results. ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition have been working with some of the most reputable laboratories in the world which have developed a whey protein with a specific isolated ‘bio-active’ peptide formula for Optimum Health. ASN is proud to announce the development of Ladies Dream Protein, 100% hydrolyzed isolated whey peptide protein.

Using advanced ‘NANO’ filtration technology, a membrane based nanoscale proteolytic reactor enabling protein digestion, peptide separation and protein identification using mass spectrometry, this technique uses ultra-sonic vibrations during one of the many filtering processes to isolate the different individual peptides containing ‘bio-active’ factors according to their response to certain sonic levels. This process gently isolates the different factors completely with no molecular damage to the peptide’s fragile structure. This allows us to tailor the protein’s peptide profile to yeild functional properties not available in other whey protein products. By emphasizing the ‘bio-active’ whey peptides, Dream Protein exhibits unique properties geared towards increasing health, toning up and fat loss.


Dream Protein is a women’s protein like no other. It is the first protein for women that is lactose free and it contains no gluten or Soy Protein. Dream Protein is a pure isolated ‘bio-active’ protein formula, which has a very low fat and carbohydrate content. Bio-active peptides are the good proteins that our body needs and provide outstanding health benefits. The ‘bio-active’ proteins are used to help develop our immune system, tone and loose body fat, strengthen our hair & nails as well as energizing our body. It will help keep our body youthful looking, providing nutritional benefits not found in any other ladies protein.


Hydrolyzed Protein is protein that has under gone an enzyme process much like that which happens in your digestive system. Specific enzymes have ‘predigested’ the protein allowing for faster transport through your digestive system, into your body. Within your digestive system, because the enzyme process is not controlled, there is no way of controlling the enzymes to stop breaking down the protein further when a specific immune factor or bio-active peptide has been reached. In Dream Protein’s case, the hydrolyzation process is all controlled. The enzymes are controlled to cleave the protein peptides at a precise point to isolate the immune factors and bio-active peptides in a pre-digested form. This allows for direct utilisation into our body. With there being different levels of Hydrolyzation, the higher the level, the more bio-active peptides and immune factors will be isolated within the protein, supplying more proteins which will give you better results. However, if you go too high with the degree of hydrolyzation (dh), the ‘bio-active’ peptides will be broken down and lost. An ideal degree of hydrolyzation is a value between 15-25%, to separate and isolate the ‘bio-active’ peptides within the protein. NANO Technology then comes into play to engineer the protein to only contain those ‘bio-active’ proteins plus some Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

The phrase ‘100% Hydrolyzed’ means that the tub of protein only contains hydrolyzed protein and there are no added different proteins such as amino acids or non hydrolyzed protein. This does not relate to the Degree of Hydrolyzation (dh), which is a measurement of the processing the protein has gone through. 50% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein would mean that half of the protein is hydrolyzed and the other half is not.


Add 1 Tablespoon (20g) to 200ml(8fl.oz.) of cold water in a drink shaker. Mix well and consume. Take 1 serve, 2-3 times a day.

For Toning: For optimum results, take 1 serve upon waking, 1 serve approx. 30 minutes before exercise, another serving straight after exercise and a serving before going to bed.
May be used in conjuction with Xtreme Cuts and Tribestanol.

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