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ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition is proud to announce the introduction of a milk protein isolate comprising of specific ratios of whey and casein bound in a sustained release matrix, containing proteins and amino acids of various sequence lengths with particular receptor binding sites for myoblast and hormone expression.

  • ADDED NANO Glutamine
  • ADDED NANO Creatine

By providing a weight gain protein which has myoblast expression like properties, the mass gain is achieved through an increase in muscle mass rather than body-fat as seen with another mega dosing, mega carb, and fat weight gain/mass gainer protein supplements. The world’s best weight gain protein, which without discussion, is the most effective sports nutrition product, when it comes to putting on mass, fast and safe.

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Product Description


Traditionally, mass gainers or weight gain protein supplements are a combination of a small amount of very simple cheap protein stacked with a whole heap of sugars and in recent times fats in a powdered form. This was done to give you a massive serve of calories to help increase body mass. Even though body mass may have been improved using such mass weight gainers, most of the collective gain was body fat, and because of the massive amount of sugar that is consumed, health problems may have developed such as digestive stress, bloating and diseases like diabetes. ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition has now re-wrote the mass gainer formula, bringing you the most advanced, health benefits, mass gainer ever developed. A low-fat mass gainer that not only helps you put on weight to get massive but also weight that is lean muscle mass, not body fat like other mass gainer formulae. Welcome to the new age breed of Mass Gainer weight gain protein supplements. Welcome to ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition’s MP50 Massive Weight Gainer.


Imagine a mass gainer using the latest in milk protein technology, providing a protein that is very similar to Human Mothers Milk. A Milk Protein Isolate that is a perfect mix of Casein and Whey proteins with vitamins and minerals, providing a sustained release of amino acids. Now imagine adding to that amino sequences, which contain all the health, hormonal, regeneration and growth benefits and combining these with NANO Creatine and NANO Glutamine. Now add further to that a complex of various chained length glucose carbohydrates, giving a ratio of around 50/50 protein to carb ratio. What you have now created is a calorie dense protein weight gain mass formula like no other.

MP50 is a weight gaining, mass increasing protein supplement designed to gain lean mass weight at the fastest possible rate. The first mass gainer supplement in the world to incorporate HUMANOFORT, providing anabolic properties to help increase lean collective weight even with people who are just ‘skin and bone’! Low fat, with no added oils and fats, the mass gain supplement to provide a healthy nutritional shake to help support gaining weight fast. Science has found that consuming nutrition which is very high in carbohydrates and fats is linked to obesity and heart disease. Therefore, MP50 has been scientifically formulated to minimize fat weight gain but is nutritionally dense enough to supply enough calories to help people even with the fastest metabolism put on lean mass. Because of its mass-building potency, the serving size of MP50 has been minimized to cause virtually no digestive stress and bloating as found with other big serving weight gain powders. With added NANO Creatine and NANO Glutamine, MP50 helps your body retain those consumed calories, volumizing muscle cells, aiding in the mass gain equation. If massive lean weight gain is your goal, MP50 Massive Weight Gainer is your answer.


To build fat-free mass fast you must provide a stimulus to muscle to activate stem cells involved in muscle repair and growth. Then you must supply nutrition that feeds the stem cells, helps them mature and fuse to the muscle fibers, making them bigger and stronger. MP50 provides all the food you need to do this! Other mass gainers only supply amino acids which are just a small part of the puzzle. MP50 also contains NANO Creatine, which helps not only to provide a source of energy and help volumize muscle but also supports a genetic pathway block a toxic growth protein our muscle’s produce to stop them growing. As well, MP50 contains added NANO Glutamine which helps maintain liver Glutamine levels, which in turn minimizes the metabolism of amino acids in muscle, supplied by the Milk Protein Isolate in MP50. The perfect ratio of sustained release proteins and amino acids in MP50 provides an ideal environment for the stem cells and protein synthesis involved in muscle growth. Finally, MP50 contains a perfect amount of short and long chain glucose sugars, providing a sustained release of carbohydrates to maintain muscle energy levels, allowing for protein synthesis to operate at its maximum and minimize metabolism of amino acids to be used as energy. Most mass gainers are overloaded with sugars, some supplying up to 90% sugar. This supplies too many carbohydrates for the body’s energy needs and ends up getting stored as body fat. You will gain mass, but it will be fat mass! MP50 is the perfect weight gain supplement. It supplies all of your energy and muscle building needs to build fat-free mass fast.


We know it can be confusing, just enter any health food store and look at the vast number of mass gain supplements on the shelves. Add to this the many ‘lies’ written on the labels and the deceiving advertisements. Every label promises the world, but not many deliver the goods. One way to find out if your particular mass gainer is right is to have an independent test run by a lab, which is not only inconvenient but extremely costly as well. Another way, which is a lot simpler, is to work out the cost per ratio of protein.

For example; MP50 is a 2.25kg tub which has a serving size of 50g and a protein content per serve of 25g. It has 45 serves per tub. That means per tub you are getting 1.125kg of protein. Say you are paying around $90 per tub that implies MP50 is about $88 a kilo of protein per tub. Let us take another mass gainer as an example. This universal mass gainer is a 2.76kg tub with a serving size of 276g (wow). Each service has a protein content of 42g. It only has ten serves per tub! Say you are paying the same price for this protein as MP50, $90. That means you are just getting 420g of protein per tub! That’s $90 for 420g or around $214 a kilo of protein per tub! Now, which do you think is value for money? Compare other mass gainers and see the big difference with MP50.

Most mass gainers have a serving size that is way too big for your digestive system to handle. Serving sizes that are way too big end up being broken down in your large intestine instead of being absorbed through your small intestine. In your large intestine, it is the job of bacteria to break down leftover foodstuffs. This causes bloating and flatulence and leads to toxic amines being formed, stomach upsets and loose bowel movements. MP50 has been designed with a nutrient dense, smaller serving size, formulated to allow for maximum digestive efficiency.


Add two scoops(50g) to 400ml – 500ml of cold water or milk in a drink shaker. Mix well and consume. For optimum results consume one serve, 2-3 times during the day.

This will provide your nutrition with an extra 1000 calories a day.
Mixing two scoops of MP50 in 500ml of full cream milk instead of water will give you a thicker, creamier, high calorie shake. Consume after taking HP100 NANO Peptide Extract post workout, within 1 hour after completing an exercise.

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