BCAA Recovery 90 Capsules

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BCAA Recovery 90 Capsules are Branched Chain Amino Acids made up of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine these Three amino acids are called proteinogenic amino acids.

Proteinogenic amino acids are Protein creating amino acids which are particularly important for helping the body produce the amino acids required to rebuild lean muscle and reduce recovery time after exercise.

BCAA’s ( Branched Chain Amino Acids ) are of particular importance during the later stages of exercise and science has shown that a good supplement of BCAA’s post-exercise can undoubtedly enhance muscle recovery but also decrease muscle catabolism ( Muscle Tissue breakdown).

Muscle Science Xtreme BCAA’s are made from a pure non-synthetic process to deliver a perfect 2:1:1 Ration of Leucine – Isoleucine -Valine to the working muscle fast, without the need for added sugars, fillers and non-essential nutrients found in many Intra workout / BCAA formulations on the market.

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