DNA Pharma Hibern 8 Growth Hormone Stimulator 90 Capsules

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A dietary supplement engineered to keep your body anabolic by promoting deep REM sleep cycles.*

  • Increase GH Levels*
  •  Deep REM Sleep Quality*
  • Complete 3O Day Cycle* *
  • Please Note the Australian Hibern8 contains NO Melatonin 
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Product Description

A Powerfull relaxation and Central Versious system relaxing agent with powerful compounds to help you Sleep Better but also stimulate Growth Hormone Production While you sleep.

This Product is like nothing else available on the market today its been specifically formulated to help Athletes recover by assisting Deeper Sleep and Growth Hormone Production .

The Key Compounds in Hibern8 are :

4-Aminbutanoic Acid – Known as GABA it acts as an Inhibitory Neurotransmitter to help relax of slow down the Nervous System and slow down Brain Activity so you can start relaxing.

L-Tyrosine – One of the most important Amino Acids to help production of Catecholamine Neurotransmitters which are depleted if we don’t get enough sleep , depletion of Catecholamine Neurotransmitters slows the brains ability to perform basic memory and cerebral functions.  

1-Carboxy-2-Amino-3-Pyrobenzol ( 3,4 diol) – Derived from Safed Musil is a powerful source of L-Dopa the Amino Acid important in the production of Dopamine which has been shown to stimulate Growth Hormone Production .

Valerian Root Extract – Valerian Root Extract helps to boost the production of GABA ( Gamma Aminobutyric acid ) the neurotransmitter that promotes sleep.

Huperzia A –  Shown to increase Acetyl Choline important  for increasing norepinephrine and dopamine production.   


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90 Capsules