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DNA Pharma created EstroX to control estrogen levels & regulate cortisol. The ingredients we’ve selected target the promotion of insulin sensitivity, instead of altering actual insulin levels. All the while, the supplement works to lower estrogen by inhibiting aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen, and altering glucuronidation to further reduce estrogen. Finally, phosphatidylserine reduces cortisol levels to help preserve that hard-earned muscle. Training and nutrition can only go so far, step your game up with hormonal support from EstroX.

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Green Tea Extract:

Green Tea Extract is an herbal derivative from green tea leaves, containing antioxidant ingredients and caffeine.

This extract contains high amounts of catechins, including EGCG which helps with the metabolism of fat at rest and during exercise performance.
Green tea also reduces the formation of free radicals in the body which protect cells and molecules from damage.
Also functions to increase insulin sensitivity, promoting increases in muscle mass versus fat mass.
A meta-analysis of 11 studies looking at green tea consumption over a period of 12 weeks minimum noted, on average, 1.31kg weight loss.
Diindolemethane (DIM):

DIM is a molecule that consists of two indole groups attached to a methane group. It is commonly found in broccoli and hold promise as an aromatase inhibitor.

DIM has potent effects on estrogen metabolism and is able to keep the body relatively balanced by preventing either drastic increases or decreases in estrogen.
DIM can both inhibit the aromatase enzyme (and prevent conversion of testosterone into estrogen) and it can act on more potent forms of estrogen and convert them into less potent forms; this conversion reduces the overall effects of estrogen in the body.
Calcium D-Glucarate:

Glucaric acid, supplemented via its calcium salt (Calcium-D-Glucarate), is thought to be a chemoprotective and anti-toxin compound

Calcium D-Glucarate reduces total estrogen present in the body.
It has been found to repress the effects of beta-glucuronidases, which slows your body’s ability to eliminate harmful hormones and chemicals.
By doing this, Calcium D Glucarate speeds up the body’s ability to help excrete and eliminate dietary and environmental wastes.
PhosphatidylSerine (PS):

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid found in cell membranes and is most concentrated in the brain where it comprises 15% of the total phospholipid pool.

PS can lower circulating cortisol.
PS is involved in governing membrane fluidity and therefore in the regulation of biological cell activities.
PS also modulates the activity of receptors, enzymes, ion channels and signaling molecules.
Research has shown PS can improve mood, cognitive function, performance, endocrine response to stress, and decrease soreness following exercise.


Q: What is the best way to take Estrox?
A: As a dietary supplement take 1 Serving (2 Capsules) in the morning. For optimal results, take for 4 weeks, then take 4 weeks off.

Q: What is a aromatase inhibitor and why is it important?
A: Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. Inhibition of the aromatase enzyme helps reduce the amount of testosterone that gets converted to estrogen. Certain ingredients found in Estrox Revolution act as aromatase inhibitors.

Q: What are the negative side effects of high cortisol levels in the blood?
A: High cortisol levels can decrease immunity, increase abdominal fat deposits, break down muscle, bone, and connective tissue and inhibit thyroid hormone activation. This is why it is important to keep cortisol levels in check.

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