Liberty Labz Lit the F%#K Up

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Liberty Labz Lit The F#%K Up™ is an extremely potent thermogenic and lipolytic agent capable of mitigating the damage of a few cheat meals and, when accompanied by a quality lifestyle, producing a ripped and shredded physique.

Land of the Free, Home of the … Cheeseburger?! It’s time to change the narrative (but keep the cheeseburgers). Getting lean is difficult even without fast food on every street. Going to the gym and dieting are all well and good, but this is America! There should be a pill for that! When it comes to dropping unwanted body fat and preventing fat gain, now there is

  • 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine increases metabolic rate and thermogenesis for maximum calorie burn.*
  • Green Tea Extract blunts carbohydrate absorption and enhances fat oxidation.*
  • Kanna Ease™ boosts mood and curbs the edge of dieting and daily stress.*
  • CapsiAtra™ reduces body fat deposition on the genetic level.*
  • 6-Paradol activates fat-burning brown adipose tissue.*

Less body fat is desired by nearly everyone worldwide. Lit The F#%K Up™ is a powerful combination of fat incinerating ingredients that activate body fat loss from all angles. By increasing caloric expenditure, releasing body fat from its storage sites, burning said body fat, and blocking the storage of any new fat introduced from the diet, there is no other option than to get lean. Be the envy of the world – let Lit The F#%K Up™ chisel you down to your most shredded physique ever!

Niacin (20mg)

Vitamin B3 is a precursor to NAD, NADH, and NAD+, which are very important factors in energy metabolism. Niacin has many roles in the human body.

  • Can stimulate blood flow and create paresthesia (tingles).
  • May improve growth hormone release.
  • Increases blood ketones as a result of triggering fat oxidation.

Vitamin B6 (15mg)

Vitamin B6 is one of the water soluble B vitamins that is critical for various metabolic reactions that occur in the body. It is also a coenzyme for protein metabolism and nervous and immune system function.

  • B6 is also involved in the formation of the most important enzymes for a well-functioning metabolism
  • Vitamin B6 may have some benefits with regard to increasing the rate of testosterone synthesis.
  • B6 may also be able to increase levels of growth hormone.

Chromium (200mcg)

Chromium is an essential mineral with a role in insulin sensitivity via chromodulin.

  • Decreases blood glucose
  • Enhances insulin sensitivity
  • Helps with weight loss

Ephedra Extract (Ephedra Nevadensis Leaf) (25mg)

Ephedra leaf is one of the most potent natural fat burners ever discovered. It has extremely potent thermogenic effects in the human body, which has resulted in dramatic fat loss.

  • One study has observed a loss nearly 9 lbs in just 8 weeks of using ephedra.
  • Works synergistically with caffeine for enhanced fat-reducing effects.
  • Pairing even just low doses of ephedra (22mg) and caffeine (30mg) increase metabolic rate and caloric burn by 8% over the course of a single day.


Lit The F#%K Up Xanthine Complex (350mg)


1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine creates a release of epinephrine and norepinephrine, which act as adrenergic agonists to boost metabolism, performance, and energy.

  • Can increase calorie burn by as much as 300 calories in a single dose
  • Enhances endurance, training volume, and muscular power output
  • Causes more body fat to be released into the blood stream which increases fat burning within the mitochondria

Dicaffeine Malate (Infinergy™)

Infinergy™ is a time released caffeine with no crash.

  • Provides all the same great benefits of caffeine without the crash
  • Malate may independently improve athletic performance

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea contains many polyphenols which are capable of influencing body fat regulation.

  • Green tea can reduce glucose absorption when consumed before meals, decreasing caloric loads of meals.
  • Has evidence of enhancing fat oxidation.
  • Boosts metabolic rate, especially when paired with caffeine, to burn more calories.
  • Early evidence of one polyphenol in green tea for decreasing myostatin and increasing muscle gain.


Theobromine is a xanthine molecule, somewhat like caffeine. It is present in chocolate and yerba matte, and it can help with weight loss, cardioprotection, and cognition.

  • Theobromine from chocolate is one of only a few supplements capable of increasing blood flow in healthy, young individuals.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity, as assessed by the homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance.
  • Functions as an antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress and DNA damage.


Stars and Stripes Euphoria Complex (185mg)

N-Phenethyldimethylamine HCl (Eria Jarensis)

Eria extract contains a compound called N-Phenyldimethylamine which is chemically similar to DMAA.

  • This means it produces many of the same ergogenic effects such as enhancing mood, improving focus, and creating a feeling of euphoria.
  • This is due to N-Phenyldimethylamine’s function as a neuromodulator in the central nervous system that boosts dopamine (the feel good neurotransmitter) levels.


L-Theanine is an uncommon amino acid that, when consumed, produces GABA and glutamate – two neurotransmitters that act on the brain to reduce the perception of stress.

  • Giesbrecht et al. found the combination of L-theanine and caffeine significantly improved accuracy during task switching, self-reported alertness, and reduced self-reported tiredness.
  • Research suggests that L-Theanine’s biggest supplemental role may be in taking the “edge” off of other stimulants.
  • A combination of L-Theanine with caffeine is noted to be synergistic in promoting thermogenesis, cognition, and attention.

Kanna Ease™

Kanna is a psychoactive herb without hallucinogenic or habit-forming properties. It is traditionally used prior to stressful events to curb anxiety and improve performance.

  • Inhibits phosphodiesterase 4 in the amygdala to exert antidepressive effects.
  • Has been noted to have powerful reductions in anxiety
  • Improves cognition and executive functioning during tests

Beta-Phenylethylamine HCl

Beta-Phenylethylamine is a neuromodulator responsible for the release of norepinephrine and dopamine which can act as powerful mood enhancers.

  • Has been observed as a naturally-released neurochemical following stress to help calm


Dimethylethanolamine, or DMAE, is an antioxidant and cognitive support ingredient.

  • Helps protect from iron-induced oxidation to provide anti-oxidative effects and maintain cell membrane integrity.
  • May be able to improve skin health by decreasing spots and improving elasticity

Juglans Regia Extract

Juglans Regia, aka Walnut, contains antioxidants and healthful fatty acids as well as DMAA analogues for fat burning.

  • 2-aminoisoheptanes can be a few different alkaloids, including 1,3-DMAA.
  • Enhances metabolism and mental focus by stimulating alpha-adrenergic receptors and G-protein coupled receptors.


Adipo-Destruction Thermogenic (125mg)

Higenamine HCl

Higenamine is an adrenergic agonist at the beta1 and beta 2 receptors as well as a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor.

  • Improves focus, mental clarity, and energy levels
  • Works synergistically with other stimulants to greatly enhance metabolic rate
  • Acts as a bronchodilator


6-Paradol, or grains of paradise, comes from an herb in the ginger family that has anti-diabetic and anti-obesogenic effects.

  • Humans studies have confirmed that grains of paradise activate brown fat and increase metabolic rate.
  • May be able to reduce estrogen and estrogenic effects.


Zingerone comes from ginger, which has quite a few health benefits relating to heart, liver, and other organ health.

  • Commonly used to treat a variety of stomach problems.
  • Acts as an appetite suppressant to decrease calorie intake and make dieting easier.


From peppers, cayenne in supplemental quantities helps with burning body fat.

  • Aids in blood sugar control, which can help prevent high blood glucose storage as body fat
  • Mild thermogenic properties boost calorie burn


CapsiAtra is a standardized dihydrocapsiate from sweet peppers. Dihydrocapsiate, and other capsaicins, are the components of pepper responsible for improving aspects of fat loss.

  • Galgani et al. (2010) discovered subjects who supplemented with Dihydrocapsiate over a one month period were able to increase their resting metabolic rate on a daily basis compared to placebo.
  • Has clinical evidence for shutting down adipogenic (fat forming) genes.
  • Activates the TRPV receptors to mimic effects of heat and induce fat loss.


Rauwolscine is alpha-yohimbine. It is an alpha2 adrenergic antagonist.

  • Antagonizing the alpha2 receptor, rauwolscine enhances action of epinephrine for more fat loss and euphoria.
  • Prevents the body from being able to form new fat tissue.


Also known as T2, this is a natural thyroid hormone capable of increasing multiple factors of fat loss similar to more well-known thyroid hormones.

  • Increases metabolism
  • Shifts mitochondrial preference to burn fat
  • Longitudinal research has found significant reductions in body weight after just 3-4 weeks.

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