Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Powder

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Optimum Nutrition Glutamine

Optimum Nutrition Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and plays an essential role in muscle. During prolonged periods of intense exercise glutamine levels can be depleted which may limit protein synthesis. Our Glutamine Powder is a simple way to supplement your diet with this amino acid. Just one tablespoon of Glutamine Powder provides more glutamine than four jumbo eggs, 4 oz. of lean beef, ¾ cup of soybeans or a 4 oz. Chicken breast. Because it’s unflavoured and easy mixing, you can add the powder to fruit juice, protein shakes or your favourite weight gain formula Made with Pure L-Glutamine.

Glutamine is one of those products that anyone taking on additional protein should take , for the simple reason Glutamine is essential to the body in the removal of Ammonia , Ammonia build up occurs most commonly from excessive protein consumption and breakdown . So we would recommend anyone using Protein to take Glutamine to help remove toxic build ups .

When to Use Optimum Nutrition Glutamine

  • 5g Taken before Bed
  • 5g Taken Post Workout

Athlete Reviews


I train hard 6 days per week, so my body needs to recover as much as possible. Glutamine helps support muscle recovery, so I take it post workout and before bed.


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