Ultimate Shred Pack

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  • Awesome Pack of Products to Help you Shred to the Bone ! 
  • Maxs SuperShred 4lb Fat Burning Protein Powder
  • Maxs Casein SR 4lb Anti Catabolic Protein Powder
  • ULTI-GEN ULTI-SHRED 120 Capsules Advanced Fat Burner
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Product Description

The Ultimate Shred Pack contains all your need to Get Lean and Build quality Muscle Tissue .

Maxs Pro Series Super Shred Protein Powder 1.8kg / 4lb

  • 27g Protein Per Serve
  • 6g BCAA’s Per Serve
  • 0.2g Carbohydrates Per Serve
  • 4.2g L-Glutamine Per Serve

MAX’S SuperShred is and advanced Thermogenic Fat Stripping Formula that combines fast and sustained release protein with powerful fat burning nutrients to help you build a lean, shredded and muscular physique.

Maxs Pro Series Casein SR Micellar Casein Protein Powder 1.8kg / 4lb

  • 23g Protein Per Serve
  • 5.6g BCAA’s Per Serve
  • 4.0g Glutamine Per Serve
  • Slow Release Protein

The combination of Micellar Casein and Calcium Caseinate makes Casein SR the perfect slow-release formula to drip feed your body throughout the day or while you sleep. This timed release makes it the ideal formulation for anyone who finds it hard to gain muscle weight or wants to take their training and nutrition to the next level and recover while they sleep.

ULTI-SHRED – Fat Stripping Formula 120 Capsules

This advanced Fat Burning Formula is clinically dosed at levels proven to:

  • Incinerate Body Fat
  • Elevate Energy & Metabolism
  • Control Appetite & Hunger Cravings

Additional Information

SuperShred 4lb

Chocolate, Vanilla, Mochachino

Casein SR 4lb

Chocolate, Vanilla


120 Capsules